Our story

We are Bubnovi! A team of diligent and creative people enthusiastic about the matter of hand. We make a point of quality services for our clients whom we approach individually and with interest. The agency Agentura Bubnovi s.r.o. is a family business and a friendly, even family atmosphere is amongst the employees as well. We believe this all to impact positively on our work and the company presentation outwards. We learn new stuff constantly, and we keep an eye on current trends to be always a ready and reliable partner to all our clients’ needs.

How did we begin?

Behind the origin of the agency Agentura Bubnovi s.r.o., there are Marie and Lukáš Bubnovi. It all started with Marie’s love for hostess job in which she has been active since her studies. She has felt in love with the hostesses’ world completely and wanted to be a part of it to the full. To organize and arrange for, to coordinate other hostesses and to cultivate them in further work. She worked for a few agencies, but one thing has always disturbed her. Lax attitude to the hostesses. And she wanted to change that.

In 2015, she started to work as a self-employed person and in 2021, she and her husband started their own hostess and promotion agency Agentura Bubnovi s.r.o. They both believe that a family atmosphere of a small company benefits not only the employees, but the clients as well, and it reflects positively in the results. For them, the key is a thorough work and individual care for the client. They also focus on working with hostesses. The Bubnovi make a point of professionality and active approach of their hostesses, that’s why they train them regularly for each particular event. The hostesses Bubnovi are simply different – beaming, reliable, acquainted in the field, and they become a useful part of client’s team and project at the event. Not just a passive decoration thereof.

Today, Marie and Lukáš run this well-established agency together and Marie smiles while recalling their difficult beginning when she recruited, trained, and checked her first hostesses on her own, the company accounts and all HR stuff was solely her job. Her first office had its seat in the spare room and the garage of their family house served as the first

company warehouse. Over time, the company has taken on regular staff, expanded its service portfolio, and got over the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, Marie and Lukáš combine the business and their family successfully, and as it happens, these two things have blended with time and it works out.


Marie Bubnová

Already as a student at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Marie worked as a hostess actively and was employed in a few hostess agencies herself. As a hostess, she presented a brand of potato crisps, toured sport events where she was offering non-alcoholic drinks, and she experienced the strenuousness of complex hostess’ job at a roadshow with regional products. She turned her dream of her own hostess and promotional agency into reality when she set up on hers own and became a self-employer in 2015. Over time, and with the help of her husband, she turned the experience gained into establishment of the agency Agentura Bubnovi that offers a wide range of promotional services to its clients today. Marie loves organizing, creative activity and working with people. She is the driving force of the company and she’s not afraid to work hard. Thus, she is living her dream today.

Lukáš Buben

In the high school, Lukáš studied mechanical engineering which he pursued actively right up to the moment when he decided to help his wife to fulfil her dream. He left the machines’ world and with a little bit of exaggeration we may say that he started to coordinate the hostess’ world. After a while, he has found his footing and his place in the family business. Today, he takes care of all corporate processes and systems, IT, and he manages the business division. Above that, due to his years of experience in the industry he pursues the restoration of a compound that shall become the new and own seat of the agency Agentura Bubnovi eventually.

Other team members

Hana Dubská

Hana is the creative soul of our agency. In her work, she enjoys the need of individual approach to each client, having contracts to be solved starting from a mere idea to the design, and up to the implementation itself. And this day-to-day variability and creativity is her driving force.

Lucie Burešová

Lucie started as an operations assistant in our agency. Now, as a graphic designer, she creates promotional materials, elaborates presentations, takes pictures of products, edits videos for YouTube, and manages our website and blog. She enjoys the eventful and creative job content.

Helena Štraitová

Helena is an experienced sales representative and at Bubnovi, she is in charge of recruiting new customers as well as of the existing customer care. She says that a businessman learns to be one for all his life. Her job consists in daily communication, independence, and ability to assess people and to listen to them. In our agency, she likes the friendly climate which suits her much more than the atmosphere in big global companies.

Petra Voňková

Petra holds the post of project manager. She is responsible for the coordination of hostesses and promoters at promotional and other events. She can efficiently make use of her energy for new challenges, she likes communicating with people, and she enjoys the day-to-day torrent of surprises.

Kristýna Jirsová

Kristýna serves as a project manager and together with Petra, she is responsible for our promotional team. She manages to reconcile the requirements of hostesses and promoters, and to find solutions for everything to click into place just like puzzle. She appreciates the possibility of gaining new experience, and she enjoys the day-to-day variability.

Karla Bulvová

Karla is our project manager, taking care of our hostesses. She oversees everything around our hostesses and promoters to run smoothly, which is very often a great challenge due to the amount of tasks. However, Karla does definitely not shrink from that. She likes to keep the team in a good mood which, according to her, definitely weighs in on better work results.

Jana Bubnová

Jana is both our operations assistant and the mum of Lukáš Buben. She knows exactly the right part of all events in our company to keep track, up-to-date and at any time, what needs to be kept an eye on, to be arranged for, and not to be missed. She likes learning new stuff, and she does not shrink from any task.

Jindřiška Benešová

Jindřiška takes care of the accounts of the agency Agentura Bubnovi. And as she keeps saying, each day brings something new despite of the ever-recurrent transactions, and she likes that. Should she ever run into a work-related problem, she keeps looking into it until it’s solved.

Ondřej Mencl

Ondřej is our IT specialist. Informatics is his hobby in his private life, too. He enjoys solving problems in the world of informatics and electronic. And he sees a great advantage in combining his work and hobby. At Bubnovi , he appreciates especially the friendly team.