Complex hostess service

The hostess can raise the tone of your brand promotion to fantastic level. With an apt hostess, your event does not just take place, your event will be memorable, too, and it produces tangible results for you.

Don’t you believe? Do you have an unpleasant experience with hostesses just sitting passively at your display desk? That are not our hostesses and promoters, by far. We choose spirited and interesting people for you and instruct them for the particular event just as if they worked for you for years. We have only the best and tested staff for you.

Our hostesses are simply other than the others. We care both for the particular project and for our hostesses. We want you to get the perfect results for your investments in the promotion.

Why should you order with us:

We are active

We stand our ground that the hostess should not be merely a stationary mannequin at the hall entrance. Her active and obliging approach may positively contribute to better outcomes of the event as such.

We train thoroughly

Before the event, the hostess is thoroughly familiarized with this event she is working at, or with the product she will promote. This knowledge supports the credibility in the eyes of your client and the outward communication is more professional and purposeful.

We offer diversity

For some events, younger hostesses are convenient; however, there are products which are better offered by a more practised hostesses at the age of 40+. We have all of them. Our choice of hostesses at the age of 18 to 55 years is really varied. And there are men, promoters, amongst them too.

We motivate positively

The motivation to work is a substantial part of the outcoming performance. Our hostesses and promoters are remunerated with a sum agreed in advance, flexible and thus motivational part is a bonus for their performance.

We guarantee quality

We wish only the best for you, that’s why we have thoroughly elaborated internal check systems and pay attention to our hostesses’ first-rate performance. By no means we tolerate late arrivals at the event, theft or lie, ignorance of the product or arrogant and improper behaviour.

Practical information on the process:

  • We approach each client individually because each event is specific as well.

  • Will the hostess greet the guest at the event entrance? Will she hand out leaflets, or will she be responsible for your stand at the fair? Do you wish for her to address your potential clients actively? Will the hostess sell your product? We’ll inquire all that of you.
  • We’ll choose the right staff for you according to the event nature and location.
  • We’ll ask you for detailed information about your event or company, we’ll organize a collective call, and we’ll prepare source materials for the hostess or hostesses chosen.
  • Our hostesses and promoters are instructed for the event in advance, and subsequently examined, too, whether they had acquainted themselves with the materials and whether they understand the topic perfectly and are well informed.
  • In case of need, we’ll organize an online call with the hostesses chosen for you, too, to better get to know each other.
  • Within few hours or days after the event, you will receive a detailed report from us on the event course, how many clients did the hostess approach, who many products did she sell, and the like.

“The success of any event consists of many tens of details, having to fit into each other and to deliver a perfect, undisturbed experience for the participant. One of the very important parts are the hostesses. This year, for our all-day C-level event combined with negotiation training, we decided to collaborate with Marie Bubnová and her hostess agency. The ladies co-creating facilities for our guest were really great. Anyone having ever organized any larger event knows how important it is to have colleagues in your team who actively take the initiative, use their brain, are nice, cheerful, and diligent. Those are exactly the people Marie can reserve for the event.”

Lucie Libovická, Executive Director of the Expertní Board 21


Indicatively, the price ranges from 240 to 320 CZK for one hour of work.

Naturally, bigger events need to be planned even few weeks in advance. For smaller events however, we are capable of arranging for them operatively even in a matter of few days.

We offer three options to our clients. Thes hostess chooses an appropriate clothing from her own wardrobe, the event clothing is bought by our agency, or our agency provides for tailoring uniform clothing for your event.

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