A quality promotion brings you closer to your clients


We help you to choose the right hostesses and we arrange for their instructions for your event which we can prepare and provide exactly up to your expectations. We operate steadily all over the Czech Republic.


We create both traditional and original merch for you, our design specialists are ready. For all products, we pay a special attention to quality materials and printings of stable performance. We collaborate with the best and tested suppliers in the Czech Republic and in Asia.

Promotional items

Have you reached the point of not wanting to blend in with the boring dullness anymore? We have the courage to do anything. We are determined to pass it to you as well. We make a point of quality materials that last. We make a point of original design that attracts attention.

We choose hostesses and promoters for our team based on an open competition. What have our guys to undergo to be allowed to work for our agency?
Foreign language tests. Product knowledge training and a follow-up test of the knowledge gained. Weekly checks in the field (in the shop, at events).
The recruitment as well as the job is very hard and demanding on quality and professionality in our agency. The hostesses and hosts work for many years with us. Guys who like doing a good job and appreciate our transparent attitude towards them stay for many years with us, and they are satisfied. As well as we are with them.
Merch is an abbreviated term from the English word “merchandising”, meaning clothing and souvenirs fabricated for fans of your brand or company.
We can fashion the merch in two different ways which we describe in detail here.
And since we have learned to fashion the clothing for our own hostesses, and we have taken the entire process to perfection, we decided to offer this service to you as well, as our clients deserving the merch at its best level and at fair prices.
Do not blend in with the dullness of promotional items. Be different. Original. Stand out so your promotional items are displayed on the tables of your clients.
Do fashion gifts for your employees which they will wear, which they will talk about, which they will enjoy. Consider our complex services. We do not only fashion the promotional items and giveaways for you, but we also wrap them up for you with pleasure. We arrange for name tag as well as personalized greeting card. So you have time for your activities. Your family. So you don’t have to take care of anything, and yet you’ve got everything perfect.
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“To arrange for and to coordinate a team of hostesses is a demanding process which does not always turn out at 100%. However, Marie and her team manage the work with human staff perfectly, and one can always rely on them in this matter. They work with a high commitment and can solve any trouble quickly. The agency Agentura Bubnovi always did the work at top level.”

You ask,
we respond

Please read our answers to you FAQ. In case you can’t find the question you wish to know the answer to, we have a solution for you. Contact us via the contact form, e-mail, or phone here.

Naturally, bigger events need to be planned even few weeks in advance. For smaller events however, we are capable of arranging for them operatively even in a matter of few hours.

We offer three options to our clients. Thes hostess chooses an appropriate clothing from her own wardrobe, the event clothing is bought by our agency, or our agency provides for tailoring uniform clothing for your event.

That is very individual. In particular, it depends on how long the design creation is being settled. You will receive a sample of the product required within 10 to 14 days. After that, the fabrication itself takes ca. 25 to 35 days.

There are two shipping ways from Asia. By plane, or by ship. The airfreight takes 7-9 days and sea shipping 70 days. In case the merch is fabricated in the Czech Republic, it is delivered within days.

That is very individual; the rule is the sooner the better, naturally. However, we are capable of arranging for everything important within a relatively short time, too.