Do you rather like classic merch, or have you been wishing to try something new for some time now? With us, you don’t need to fear any of this. We have the courage to do anything.

We make a point of quality materials that last. Therefore, we get the cloths made and we fabricate solely with our proven suppliers. After all, you don’t want to invest in anything delightful at first sight, but nobody is going to wear it, because: uncomfortable material, peculiar cut, faded colour, and the like.

With a merch made by us, you will shine and attract attention. It definitely won’t end up forgotten in a box.

Why should you order with us:


You may choose from a wide product catalogue which we update regularly. Here, you can find traditional and favourite products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, towels, water bottles, but also workwear for company employees, kid’s wear, or functional clothing for sports.

Tailored product

Our graphic designers will help you to bring your idea to a successful conclusion. We are capable of working on a completely new product with you and to deliver it to you literally as a turnkey solution. So many times, an idea and enthusiasm are enough to create a really original bit.

Quality guarantee

Quality comes fort for us. At the production site in Asia, we collaborate with our dependable colleague with knowledge of the local market. She oversees the complete production process, detects potential imperfections right away, and arranges for immediate rectification. Thus, we save both time and money for possible complaints in the Czech Republic.

Practical information on the process:

  • We’ll ask you what kind of product you wish for, in what amount, whether you have your own design, or we elaborate the design together.
  • You may choose from our product catalogue or think of something new. We’ll help you happily with anything.
  • Our agency produces the merch in China, and our colleague oversees there all. She requests the price from the producer and arranges for a sample of the particular product.
  • Still abroad, a very careful quality check of the products delivered is done. Subsequently, we transport the products by air and arrange for customs clearance at the Prague airport.
  • The final check is performed in our central warehouse in the Czech Republic.
  • We can gift-wrap the goods or divide them into smaller shipments, should you ever need to distribute them to more locations.

“Thank to the company Bubnovi, I could rise above the level of my brand to a higher one. Great communication and outcome.”

Sergei Barracuda, Czech rapper


That is very individual. In particular, it depends on how long the design creation is being settled. You will receive a sample of the product required within 10 to 14 days. After that, the fabrication itself takes ca. 25 to 35 days.

There are two shipping ways from Asia. By plane, or by ship. The airfreight takes 7-9 days and sea shipping 70 days. In case the merch is fabricated in the Czech Republic, it is delivered within days.

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