Promotional items

Have you reached the point of not wanting to blend in with the boring dullness anymore?

Do you wish to hand out promotional items to your customers at conferences, which items they will remember? Do you wish to present your employees with gifts that delight them? Do you wish to hand out promotional items that people enjoy, for which reason they will be displayed on their tables, in their offices?

We have the courage to do anything. We are determined to pass it to you as well. We make a point of quality materials that last. We make a point of original design that attracts attention. We don’t want to throw your money out of the window.

TOP 3 reasons to create imaginative promotional items:


First-quality promotional items show that you care about your clients


Resourceful design guarantees a quick recognizability of your brand


Each one of your clients will enjoy using them, showing them around, and wearing them

Practical information on the process:

  • We’ll ask you what kind of promotional item or giveaway you need, in what amount, whether you have your own design, or we elaborate the design together.
  • You may choose from our product catalogue or think of something new. We’re happy to help you with anything.
  • Our agency produces the promotional items in China, and our colleague oversees there all. She requests the price from the producer and arranges for a sample of the particular product.
  • Still abroad, a very careful quality check of the products delivered is done. Subsequently, we transport the products by air and arrange for customs clearance at the Prague airport.
  • The final check is performed in our central warehouse in the Czech Republic.
  • We can gift-wrap the goods or divide them into smaller shipments, should you ever need to distribute them to more locations.

“The agency met all of our very specific requirements that other companies were unwilling or unable to implement. Nothing to complain about. On the contrary, I have to highlight an above-standard approach.”

Lenka Zdařilová, MSID a.s.



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